We had the pleasure of creating Onboarding videos for the YouTube Kids App. Before a child watches content on YouTube Kids, the Onboarding video explains that if the parent signs in, they would have more controls over what their child watches. Parents can control the amount of videos or hand-pick your own. Cool!
  • Production Company

    Anchor Point

  • Directed by


  • Executive Producer

    Mike Holm BYB

  • Written by

    Hook / BYB

  • Storyboard

    Dipesh Mistry

  • Art Direction

    Geoff Donovan

  • Producer

    Sonia Santorelli

  • Design

    Gustaf Öhrnell Hjalmars

  • Character Posing

    Darren Donovan, Amanda Martin, Steve Lambe, Doug Macklin

  • Animation Director / Supervisor

    Darren Donovan

  • Animation

    Jeff Size, Darren Donovan, Matt Cemalovic

  • FX Animation

    Darren Donovan

  • Motion Design

    Oliver Sin

  • Animatics Edit

    Tom Berger

  • Compositing / Post FX

    Darren Donovan, Nathan Day

  • Sound

    Sebastien Breton

  • Client

    YouTube Kids

  • Agency