The Holidays Will Always Find You

We are honoured to share a pro bono animated short that the BYB team created for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. Thank you so very much to the BYB crew for donating their time and talent to such a beautiful message. This speaks to the brave children undergoing cancer treatment, to reassure them that the holiday spirit will find them.
  • Client

    Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

  • Agency


  • Directed by


  • Executive Producer

    Mike Holm BYB

  • Storyboards

    Blayne Burnside, Chris Rousakos

  • Leica Edit

    Tom Berger, Miles Davren

  • Style Frame / Design

    Aaron Hong

  • Character Design

    Amanda Martin

  • Layout

    Rob Bryson

  • Prop Design

    Mathew Jacob

  • BG Paint

    Martin Smith, Robyn Tacchino, Parker Bryant, Grace Yoo, Sujin Kim, Matt Allen, Aaron Hong, Eric Gauthier, Antonio Caggiano, Geoff Donovan

  • Posing

    Amanda Martin, Steve Lambe, Lee ann Dufour, Haley Szereszewski, James Walsh

  • Posing Clean Up

    Doug Macklin, Brooke Stephenson, Jeff Size, Brenton Barkman

  • Animation

    Sean Nasmith, Sarah Baril, Matt Cemalovic, Nicola Hartley, Tim Martin, Nicole Kozak, Jeff Size, Antonio Caggiano, Darren Donovan

  • Typography


  • Colour Edit

    Nathans Day

  • Compositing / VFX

    Sheldon Lisoy

  • Music

    Brian Gallant

  • Sound / Mix

    Sebastien Breton