Defined Benefit Pension Plan

The fine folks over at Omers asked us to help them send a message to their members in a fun and stylized animated spot. We had the opportunity to help shape the story from script to final execution.
  • Directed by

    BYB - Geoff Donovan, Darren Donovan

  • Art Direction

    Geoff Donovan

  • Color Design

    Geoff Donovan

  • Storyboard

    Darren Donovan / Geoff Donovan

  • Layout/Design

    Geoffrey Donovan, Martin Smith

  • Editor

    Tom Berger

  • Character Posing

    James Walsh

  • Character Animation

    Sean Branigan, Chris Land, Gerry Duchemin, Darren Donovan

  • 2D FX Animation

    Darren Donovan

  • Compositing

    Nathan Day, Drew MacEachern

  • Sound

    Tattoo Sound and Music

  • Agency

    Blame Your Brother