Dream Big Princess

We were happy to be involved in The Dream Big, Princess campaign that encourages kids everywhere to dream big by high-lighting inspiring moments from Disney Princess stories. These shorts showcase animated typography of the inspirational quotes and qualities like Merida’s bravery and Tiana’s perseverance.
  • Client


  • Agency

    Camp Jefferson

  • Directed by


  • Art Direction

    Geoff Donovan

  • Storyboard

    Kyu-Bum Lee, Darren Donovan, Andre Guindi, Chris Land

  • Character Design

    Amanda Martin, Geoff Donovan

  • Design

    Geoff Donovan

  • Character Posing

    Darren Donovan, Amanda Martin

  • Animation Director / Supervisor

    Darren Donovan

  • Animation

    Jeff Size, Michelle Tripp, Darren Donovan, Sarah Baril, Mike Hogue

  • FX Animation

    Darren Donovan

  • Typography


  • Animatics Edit

    Tom Berger

  • Compositing / Post FX

    Darren Donovan

  • Music / Sound

    Sebastien Breton, Brian Gallant