How Commercial Realtors Help

We love working with the talented folks over at Union Creative. So when asked to create an animated spot for Canadian Realtors Association, we were very excited. The final spot fluidly describes "How Commercial Realtors Help".

  • Directed by

    BYB - Geoff Donovan, Darren Donovan

  • Art Direction

    Geoff Donovan

  • Color Design

    Geoff Donovan

  • Storyboard

    Chad Hicks

  • Concept Layouts

    Jamie Mason

  • Editor

    Tom Berger

  • Character Posing

    James Walsh

  • Animation

    Michelle Trip, Chris Land, Jim Bryson, Mateusz Garbulinski

  • 2D FX Animation

    Darren Donovan

  • Compositing/3D Animation

    Rune Entertainment

  • Sound Design + Mix

    RMW Music

  • Agency

    UNION Creative